A review on reconstruction algorithms and hardware implementation in electrical impedance tomography

A review on reconstruction algorithms and hardware implementation in electrical impedance tomography

The current medical imaging techniques can only be used in a few diagnostic scenarios after the development of qualitative lesions, and they frequently include the use of radiation, among other things. Electrical impedance tomography, in contrast, uses no radiation and is non-invasive. Electric impedance tomography (EIT), which has these benefits, is frequently utilized for the early stages of disease detection and treatment. This study discusses the research advancements, image reconstruction methods, hardware system design, and clinical applications of EIT in the treatment of lung disorders for the application of EIT in the treatment of lung lesions. The intricacy of EIT systems and their solutions is explained by looking at and introducing a few key components of EIT technology. This provides research ideas for future studies and confirms the technology’s extensive development prospects. The outcome demonstrates that EIT is still in a relatively early stage of development and that image reconstruction algorithms are now being utilized to improve imaging resolution. The accuracy of data collection and processing is increasing, and hardware technology is also advancing quickly. EIT is also employed in clinical settings for pathology in the bladder, brain, and lungs. Future uses of EIT in medicine have a lot of potential for real-time, long-term monitoring and early diagnosis.


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