Enhancement of Sensitivity in Electrical Bioimpedance Measurements Using Contrast Agents

Enhancement of Sensitivity in Electrical Bioimpedance Measurements Using Contrast Agents

Electrical bioimpedance, a noninvasive and non-ionizing technique utilized for assessing physiological parameters, faces challenges in obtaining localized information from specific tissues within the human body. This research aims to enhance localized sensitivity in bioimpedance measurements by introducing contrast agents to improve the differentiation between malignant and healthy tissues. The study utilized finite element-based simulations in COMSOL Multiphysics to analyze sensitivity distribution within a breast model with a tumor. Results indicated that introducing contrast agents, such as an ionic liquid (with a conductivity of 0.39 S/m), significantly enhanced sensitivity within the designated region. For experimental validation, a breast phantom with a spherical tumor was created using Agar solution in a 3D printed hemispherical shell, and multi-frequency electrical impedance was measured with an impedance spectrometer. Results demonstrated a markedly higher impedance ratio (2.6) between malignant and normal tissues in the presence of ionic liquids compared to scenarios without them (1.5). This comprehensive investigation shows promising results, particularly in optimizing bioimpedance measurements through the use of ionic liquids as contrast agents. The findings hold significant potential for advancing diagnostic procedures in healthcare, providing a reliable means of detecting and localizing tumors.


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