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Introducing the LungEIT Kit - Revolutionizing Lung Imaging for R&D Teams

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Sciospec EIT-lung imaging kit for impedance tomography

Introducing the LungEIT Kit – the ultimate solution for research and development teams venturing into lung imaging applications. This comprehensive bundle is designed to provide everything you need to get started with ease and precision.

  • Medical Research EIT System: Equipped with IEC60601-1 compliant safety features for reliable and safe operation.
  • Complete Cabling and Electrode Belts: All necessary accessories included for seamless application to lung imaging.
  • Dedicated Lung Imaging App: Integrated within our software suite, facilitating easy and efficient lung imaging.
  • Open Interfaces and EIDORS Compatibility: Allows users to develop their own applications, ensuring flexibility and customization.
  • Extensive Add-on Modules: Enhance research capabilities with modules like ECG synchronization and isolated I/O for external sensors and devices.

Core Benefits

Easy Entry into Lung Imaging

The LungEIT Kit offers the easiest possible entry into lung imaging, providing a ready-to-use solution that simplifies the initial setup and application process. The only solution that gives you the flexibility of a research system combined with the advantages of medical safety features, easing the way into clinical settings and studies.

start innovating and test your ideas and

Full freedom of configuration in injection patterns and measurement parameters, access to raw data, open interfaces, compatibility with standards like EIDORS, …the Sciospec LungEIT Kit has everything you need to try out your ideas, build innovative research and products. For further migration to commercial scale applications, we offer our EIT solutions as customized OEM versions to fully match your product needs.

Comprehensive Support and Add-Ons

Our kit includes all necessary components and a dedicated app, ensuring the best possible starting point for your lung imaging research. If you need to go beyond that, we have countless options to extend the systems from scaling up the channel counts, over adding interfaces to external sensors and instruments or synching to ECG signals – we have you covered. And when things get complicated, our experienced experts are at your side, supporting you to build your application.


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Sciospec EIT16

Technical Specifications

True parallel measurements and tightly synchronized switching allows for fast frame rates and with all the capabilities of our EIT platform, this kit has everything you need for lung imaging and any other EIT application

  • high framerates up to 100 fps
  • channel counts from 16 up to 256
  • medical grade safety features (ISO 60601-1 compliant)
  • multifrequency measurements from 100 Hz … 1 MHz
  • countless options like ECG synchronization and isolated I/O for integration with external sensors and devices.

Easy to use Software

The Sciospec LungEIT Kit comes with our intuitive software suite including a dedicated lung imaging app. This makes it incredibly easy and fast to get an EIT measurement configured and running with great looking image reconstruction included. For those of you who want to expand on this and use your own algorithms or do a completely different type of data processing, we offer many options including custom reconstruction matrices, raw data export and EIDORS compatibility.

Want to try other EIT applications? The software suite is also packed with apps for diverse EIT settings like tank-based experiments, planar EIT, EIS, …

Sciospec EIT chest belt


The LungEIT Kit is ideal for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Respiratory function monitoring
  • Diagnostic tool development
  • Clinical research
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation research

Typical Pain Points when doing lung image applications

  • There just not enough hours in a day and developers at hand to handle all the development work needed for electronics, electrode configurations, algorithms and all the other stuff to make it work?
  • Worried about getting an exemption, special approval or clearance for working in a clinical settings, but need to proof compliance with all relevant safety aspects of?
  • Existing medical EIT solutions just don´t offer the features you need or give you access to the data you want?

Don´t worry – you don´t have to waste your precious resources and reinvent the wheel. We have you covered. Our medical research systems are a perfect fit for your needs. Just focus on your application and let us do the rest. And if things get tricky, we have an experienced team of experts to support you.

Sciospec EIT chest belt sizes

Medical grade safety features

  • Enclosure: prevention of contact between electrical circuitry and external equipment or humans, shielding of measurement frontend (noise reduction) and mechanical safety
  • Medical grade power supply: external isolated AC/DC converter supplies device with 12 V DC, additionally stand alone battery operation is possible including software controllable electromechanical switch-off for DC input lines
  • Isolated Full speed USB interface: fullspeed USB port for instrument control and data readout from PC
  • Ethernet interface: standard RJ45 Ethernet interface for remote control of the instrument
    • The interface is not internally isolated. An external medical grade network isolator (included in the offer) can be inserted in the communication path to ensure safe isolation ratings.
  • IsoIO module: low level communication interfaces including hardware synchronisation and flexible programmable IO standards including serial (UART, SPI, I2C) for use of the instrument with other external equipment
  • Measurement and control modules: core functionality of the impedance analyzer including measurement control, signal processing, excitation generation and analog measurement functions
  • AC coupling frontend: External module for AC coupling of measurements ports. Blocks DC currents and adds a high pass filter characterisitic limiting low frequency currents. Isolates the instrument galvanically from the measurement object or patient interface.
LungEIT Kit

Our Tech, YOUR product

No time for development? Too much technical risk? We have your back!

All our technology is also available as OEM solutions. Our experienced EIT experts help your team to build a great product no matter what phase you are in. We offer clear migration paths from the proof of concept phase, through validation studies and regulatory approvals, all the way to scaling up production.

  • From idea to product – components, modules or complete systems
  • Development, manufacturing & lifecycle maintenance services
  • Market leading expertise
  • Broad technology platform for easy entry
  • extensive experience with bioanalytical, medical, automated test, …
  • high quality standards and regulatory conformity
  • ISO 9001 and 13485
LungEIT Kit
LungEIT Kit
LungEIT Kit

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LungEIT Kit
Sciospec EIT-lung imaging kit for impedance tomography
  • Choose between different belt sizes of our standard 16-electrode Lung EIT belts

    Currently the EIT Lung Kit is availble with 16 measurement channels. Higher channel count systems will follow.

    • Medical grade safety features incl.
      • Medical power supply (Insulation Class II, EN60601-1 compliant)
      • Medical grade isolated Full speed USB
      • Medical grade enclosure modification
      • Medical grade network isolator
      • IsoIOport (additional MDR connector with isolated SyncPort and isolated IOport (digital IOs and serial interfaces for hooking up external devices, smart sensors, etc.))
      • Battery operation
    • ECG module:
      • one-channel ECG recording, fully synchronized to EIT measurement
    • Measurement and Imaging Software:
      • compatible data format for easy import to EIDORS
      • no limitation on installation instances

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LungEIT Kit

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LungEIT Kit

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