Mimetas OrganoTEER®

The Mimetas OrganoTEER® -

A Sciospec OEM Success Story

The Mimetas OrganoTEER® is certainly one of the most sophisticated systems for Transepithelial/ Transendothelial Electrical Resistance measurements (TEER).

To our, and Mimetas' knowledge, it is the first instrument of its kind that allows routine TEER studies in perfused organ-on-a-chip systems without interference by artificial filter membranes. It addresses applications of

  • Assessment endothelial and epithelial barrier function of 3D tissue models at high-throughput, and
  • Evaluation of toxicity effects of compound libraries in high-throughput.

Building on top of Mimetas' ground breaking OrganoPlate® technology, Sciospec´s expertise in impedance measurements allowed us to create a system that redefines the boundaries of TEER measurements in organ- on-chip assays achieving

  • high readout rates: e.g. 40 test chips of a standard OrganoPlate® in well below one minute
  • look deeper than ever before with TEER ranges of Megaohms all the way down to Milliohms

We were able to pack all this into a small package with a footprint just a few millimeters larger than the OrganoPlate® itself. Working closely with researchers and lab techs to maximise usability, the system concept and software turned out to be perfectly tailored towards the needs of users in biological/pharmacological research and industrial drug development.

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