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our Potentiostats and Galvanostat Portfolio

PGstat-A series

Very versatile, flexible options and advanced feature set. From single channel instrument to 256 channel Multi-Potentiostats with fully independant control and setup on each channel. Impedance spectroscopy from mHz...MHz and countless advanced features like simultaneous inner and outer cell voltage measurement, secondary work/biopotentiostat option, addditional bias voltage generator, auxilary inputs, etc. - ...

mPGstat series

More channels, higher scalability - each module is an eight channel multipotentiostat with independantly controlled channels - up to 256 modules giving a total of 2048 channels in one system - fully independant setup of each module - impedance spectroscopy from mHz...MHz - ...

mPGstat-HD series

Very high resolution ...brings together 24bit resolution with high channel count and impedance spectroscopy from mHz...MHz. Each module is an eight channel multipotentiostat with independantly controlled channels. Combine up to 256 modules giving a total of 2048 channels in one system with fully independant setup capabilities of each module.

what sets us apartnot just instruments

We are not a typical lab instrument manufacturer. With Sciospec it´s all about the technology platform underneath the instruments. Everything you see in our product portfolio can be customized to your needs, scaled up as further than you thought possible, migrated from lab to field use systems and combined freely with everything else we have in the platform.

Easy entry

Our broad range of standard instruments and modules covers all types of application scenarios for research and development as well as industrial applications.


This is a key element in our technology plattform. So whether you need a single channel or several thousand of them - we can do it.

Taking it one step further

We give you an easy path to migrate from the lab to custom solutions for the field, the fab or whereever you want to take your application.

Our tech - your product

Need our tech for your product? From just putting a standard module in your product to co-developing a brand new solution...we love doing OEM solutions.


Scalability is a key element, embedded at the heart of our technology plattform. Whether you need a single channel in a tiny mobile use form factor our thousands of channels in parallel in an automated test environment - we´ve got you covered.

  • single channel to several thousand channels
  • from tiny handheld sensor units all the way up to large scale industrial test equipment
  • multipotentiostats, polypotentiostats, multiplexed potentiostats
  • up to 2048 channels from within a standard structure backplane (8 x 32 x 8 channels)

But what's the perfect fit for your multichannel application?

  • multiple single-channel potentio-/galvanostats?
  • multiplexing?
  • multi-potentio-/galvanostat?
  • poly-potentiostat?

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