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64-channel impedance measurement system with 8 simultaneously acquired channels and any to any channel mapping

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The Sciospec CSX-64 is the all-in-one solution for chip-based multichannel experiments. With its highly integraded slide connector interface it’s the perfect fit for biosensor applications. Or just add a cable adapter to be even more flexible. The CSX-64 comes with 8 banks with eight parallel measuring channels each. This enables both fast EIS measurements and an EIT functionality in one system. 

key facts

Ultra compact form factor highly flexible 64 channel impedance measurement system with 8 simultaneously acquired channels and any to any channel mapping

  • Flexible multichannel capabilities:
    • 8 banks with individual analog frontends including voltage and current measurement and separately assignable ranges
    • 2, 3 or 4 electrode configuration for impedance measurement
    • Highly flexible channel mapping – Multiplexing stage for 8:4 any-to-any assignment of 8 contacts per bank:
      • any port of any bank can be any of the functions in a 2, 3 or 4 electrode impedance configuration (Counter, Reference, Working Sense or Work)
    • Bank to bank interoperability allows for advanced channel mappings (e.g. one current path with multiple potential measurements, one current injection with multiple working electrodes, etc…)
    • Compatible with typical impedance tomography (EIT) channel mappings
  • Potentiostat mode and electrochemical techniques
  • Complex impedance measurements:
    • true complex impedance measurement
    • tightly synchronized data acquisition block for truly simultaneous sampling for 8 parallel impedance measurements
    • Frequency range from DC … 250 kHz (optional: up to 1 MHz)
    • Impedance ranges from Ohm … Gohm
    • Voltage range up to +/-10V
    • Current ranges nA…mA
  • Optional: complex signal generator (ramp, pulse, masking, sine, arbitrary) with 20 bit low speed DAC, DDS based sinusoid signal source and 16bit high speed DAC
  • Measurement ports available on highly integrated slide connector interface:
    • Ideally suited for multichannel biosensor applications
    • 98 pin 1mm pitch edge-card connector (MEC1-150-02-F-D-EM2)
    • Easily adaptable to your application through cable adapters or chip carriers
    • Ask us for custom designed adapters or design your own

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