International Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy (IWIS) 2021

International Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy (IWIS) 2021

International Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy (IWIS) 2021

Meet us at this year’s IWISInternational Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy (IWIS) 2021

From September 29th to October 1st 2021 the 14th International Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy (IWIS) takes place. Sciospec is proud to sponsor this event and to take part in the exhibition. As in the last years we wanted not only to show our instrumentation, but also to present interesting topics and ideas.

This year, besides Impedance Spectroscopy, we will also bring EIT (Electrical Impedance Tomography) to the agenda. It’s one of the hottest topics in electrical measurement technology and its relevance in biomedical and bioanalytical application fields has been constantly growing over the years. We’ll give a workshop introducing the EIT principle, the technology’s potential and Sciospec’s scalable and flexible EIT systems.

We will show our lab instrument and some of our latest developments at the exhibition which is being held parallel to the conference and in a brief exhibitor presentation in a seperate session.

The IWIS covers mutliple application fields of electrical impedance spectroscopy by workshops, paper sessions and talks.

  • Characterization of energy storage units, batteries and fuel cells
  • Biomedical and biological applications
  • Material testing, corrosion and coatings
  • Inductive, capacitive and resistive sensors
  • Measurements of dielectric materials and solid state systems
  • Local electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
  • Signal processing and modelling
  • Instrumentation & data acquisition


For the first time in IWIS’ history there will be a dedicated session focussing on the translation of academic and research results into commercial products.

Workshop 2: Success Stories 
(Thursday September 30th, 14.15 – 15.30)

We asked two of our partners to present their pathway from a good idea to a commercially successful product.


International Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy (IWIS) 2021

Arnaud Nicolas from MIMETAS, one of our OEM customers, will present OrganoTEER® – one of the most sophisticated systems for Transepithelial/ Transendothelial Electrical Resistance measurements (TEER).

International Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy (IWIS) 2021

In his talk Pierluca Messina from Sensome SAS will discuss “Electrical impedance spectroscopy for ex-vivo analysis of human thrombi from acute ischemic stroke patients.


Additionally we invited friends and partners from academia to present their work in the Sciospec Special Session Bioimpedance.

Session 2A: Sciospec Special Session: Bioimpedance (1)
(Thursday September 30th, 14.45 – 18.00), Chair: Prof. Franco Simini (Universidad de la República de Uruguay)

Lucas Poßner (Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain SciencesGermany)
Conductivity and permittivity characterization of post mortem porcine brain in situ

Christoph Winkler (Eberswalde University for Sustainable DevelopmentGermany)
Challenges of applying impedance spectroscopy to characterize electrical conductive wood adhesives

Navid Saeidi (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental ResearchGermany)
Reversible electroadsorption/-desorption of ionizable micropollutants from water: perfluoroalkyl acids as target compounds

Michal Teplan (Institute of Measurement Science of the Slovak Academy of SciencesSlovakia (Slovak Republic)
Impedance spectroscopy monitoring of magnetic field effects on yeast cells

International Workshop on Impedance Spectroscopy (IWIS) 2021

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