the ISX-3mini

Demanding measurements but no room for large and bulky lab equipment? Impedance Spectroscopy out in the field? With the ISX-3mini Sciospec offers a fully equipped impedance analyzer fitting in the palm of your hand.

In standard configuration the ISX-3mini is equipped with Sciospec’s IF frontend. Within the measurement range from 100 mHz to 10 MHz (extendable to 40 or 100 MHz) it covers a dynamic range of 300dB (mOhm…TOhm) with a base precision of 0.01%. The two multiplexed 4-electrode MCX measurement ports greatly simplify comparative measurements of two sensors or devices under test.

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ISX-3 mini impedance analyzer
ISX-3mini key facts
  • Ultra-compact impedance analyzer
  • Two multiplexed channels with MCX-Interface for 2, 3 and 4-point-configurations
  • IF Frontend 100 mHz…10 MHz, mOhm…TOhm
  • Frequency extendable to 40 MHz or even 100 MHz
  • 2, 3 and 4 electrode configurations
  • High resolution (up to 2048 frequencies per sweep)
  • Base precision of 0.01%
  • +/- 1 V DC Bias
  • ExtensionPort for application specific frontends
  • Ultra-fast hardware synchronization through sync in/out connectors (optional)
  • Simple connection through Full Speed USB, Ethernet or Wireless LAN
  • PC-based control & data analysis (Sciospec software suit included)
  • Sciospec COM-Interface for full instrument control from Java, C, Python, LabView, Matlab etc.
  • IOport digital interface connector for external sensors and other hardware, two additional NTC temperature measurement ports 

The ISX-3mini puts the full power of a laboratory grade impedance analyzer in the palm of your hand.

ExtensionPort System

For flexible extension of its application possibilities application-specific frontends and adapters can be connected through the ExtensionPort system. Interface and specifications for the ExtensionPort are fully user accessible dramatically simplifying customers’ developments for and with the ISX-3mini. The connector carries measurement signals for 2,3 and 4-electrode configuration, supply rails and digital IOs, which can optionally be configured as serial interfaces (I2C, UART).

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