512 channel Potentiostat/Galvanostat for automated test and conditioning of electronic components

512 channel Automated Test & Conditioning System for Battery fabrication

With our modular expertise in electrochemical instrumentation and our modular and scalable platform Sciospec's technology is predestinated for the use in high-throughput applications. In this specific case the customer, one of the leading multinational manufacturers of electronic components, contacted us searching for equipment for micro-battery research, evaluation and production. After quite some emails, a few calls and a personal meeting we agreed we're going to do this together. Sciospec had not only very good multichannel lab-bench systems, but also offered customer-specific modifications and, last but not least, had a technology platform allowing for a scale-up to several thousand channels.

During the project we built different systems with 64 and 80 channels (with and without EIS capability) for the product development in the lab. In each phase and with each system built up we had to keep an eye on designing the technology as scalable as possible to allow for an easy transfer from the lab to the production site - and to be able to offer the production systems at attractive conditions.


The system that is now used at the customer's production site is a fully parallel operating 512-channel potentiostat / galvanostat with the following technical specification:

  • 32x individual 16 channel multipotentiostat/galvanostat modules
    • 16 independently regulated potentio/galvanostat channels
      • each with separate connection for 2 electrode cell
      • independent regulation and set-point generation
      • regulation modes: potentiostat, galvanostat, no control
      • modes of operation: constant, cyclic.
      • measurement of voltage, current, charge, energy
      • each individually activatable
      • all channels in use are configured with the same setup, but setup execution is fully independent on each channel
    • potential measurement and set point
      • compliance voltage range: +/- 4.5V (at 2mA)
      • potential setting range: +/- 4V
      • potential setting resolution: < 0.02% FSR
      • potential setting accuracy: < 1% FSR
      • potential measurement range: +/- 4V
      • potential measurement resolution: < 0.02% FSR
      • potential measurement accuracy: < 1% FSR
    • current measurement and set point
      • compliance current range: +/- 5mA
      • current setting range: +/- 1mA
      • current setting resolution: < 0.005% FSR
      • current setting accuracy: < 1% FSR
      • current measurement range: +/- 1mA
      • current measurement resolution: < 0.005% FSR
      • current measurement accuracy: < 1% FSR
    • timing
      • max. acquisition rate < 100 points /s (per channel)
      • set point intervall > 20ms ( = ramp time resolution)
    • measurement configuration
      • number of configurable steps : 128
      • configurable step duration: 1s to 5 days
      • configurable short circuit detection
        • if resistance value is below configured threshold measurement will be stopped
        • individual engagement for each channel
      • individually configurable compliance current for each configured setup step
      • configurable termination conditions for each configured setup step
        • min/max voltage or current (based on regulation mode)
        • individual engagement for each channel
    • high density Dsub connector
  • each module can be configured with different setups and measurements can be engaged individually
  • interface: HighSpeed USB
  • power:
    • 100-240VAC (typ.)
    • 50/60Hz
  • Scalability: several thousand channels possible

In battery research, battery condicitioning, automated test and biological/bioanalytical applications Sciospec's scalable and flexible technology platform allows for application-specific high-throughput systems

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