Electrical Impedance. At its best.

what we do

  • Everything evolving around electrical impedance

    instrumentation for impedance spectroscopy
  • electrochemical techniques and frontends

    potentio- & galvanostats with and without impedance capabilities
  • massive multi-channel scalability

    from one to several thousand channels
  • our tech inside your products: Sciospec OEM modules

    We leave the application know how to our customers and concentrate on what we do best…
  • application specific solutions matching your needs

    highly modular system enabling cost effective realization of custom solutions

Sciospec specializes in solutions for electrical impedance spectroscopy, impedance tomography and other electrochemical/-analytical techniques. Primary applications are bio-analytics, biosensors, material science and process control.

From small scale biochip solutions over multichannel biochip-readers up to massive-multichannel solutions for fully automated industrial process control or high content screening for pharmacological testing - scalability is in our DNA.

Sciospec technology in the form of OEM modules is at the heart of countless products for bioanalytical and medical applications. At the same time our highly customizable solutions enable turn-key research, power the next generation semiconductor manufacturing and enable new levels in scalability for automated component test applications all over the world.

Who we are working with and for

Die Impedanzanalysatoren der Firma Sciospec erfüllen alle unsere Anforderungen beim Monitoring zell-basierter Assays im Hinblick auf technische Spezifikationen, Kompaktheit, Preis und die Option für flexible, an der Anwendung orientierte technische Anpassungen. Manche Assayformen sind durch die Sciospec Geräte überhaupt erst möglich geworden. Großes Lob an Sciospec !

Prof. Joachim Wegener

Universität Regensburg
Thanks to the high speed of the ISX-3 mini, we are able to sample 200 spectrums per second. This enables a whole range of new measurements on muscle tissues.

Fred-Johan Pettersen

Oslo University Hospital
Our company has used Sciospec Scientific Instruments (ISX-3 modified for multiplexing) both for research and as part of our production line. We are pleased with the ISX-3 performance and with the close support and contact we have with Sciospec.

Runar Strand Amundsen