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multichannel electrical impedance spectroscopy

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Your plans are a little bigger, than what a single impedance analyzer can handle? How about having multiple full featured impedance analyzers within one instrument – working in perfect harmony? Up to 8 impedance measurement channels can be integrated into one ISX-5 and provide true fully-parallel ultra-fast measurements thanks to the powerful signal processing backend. Multiple ISX-5 chassis can be joined together to enable even higher channel counts.

For even more flexibility and more demanding complex measurement setups check out the MSX modular platform – the multi type module extension of the ISX-5.

ISX-5 key facts

  • Multichannel impedance analyzer with up to 8 channels in one chassis
  • Channel to channel synchronisation for truly parallel operation
  • Powerful signal processing backend enables fast measurements even with all channels  enabled
  • IF Frontend 100 mHz…10 MHz, mOhm…TOhm
  • Frequency extendable to 40 MHz or even 100 MHz
  • High resolution (up to 2048 points per sweep)
  • Base Precision of 0.01%
  • +/- 1 V DC Bias
  • Advanced setup capability
    • Multichannel setups with different parameters for each channel
    • Synchonous or asynchronous measurements
    • Multiple analysis ports with single excitation source
    • Nonlinear impedance spectroscopy
  • Ultra-fast hardware synchronization through sync in/out ports
  • ExtensionPort for application specific frontends
  • Simple connection through High Speed USB or Ethernet
  • PC-based control & data analysis (Sciospec software suit included)
  • Sciospec COM-Interface for full instrument control from Java, C, Python, LabView, Matlab etc.

More performance, higher throughput, more channels - the ISX-5 system is the solution for everyone who wants to raise the bar a little higher.

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Powerful options

  • frontpanel connectors: BNC, SMA, MCX, DSUB, custom
  • internal multiplexer options for sequential multichannel capabilities
  • IOport digital interface connector for external sensors and other hardware, two additional NTC temperature measurement ports 
  • wireless interfaces
  • medical grade power supply
  • temperature controller module
  • precision multichannel temperature monitoring module for most common temperature sensor types
  • customized current and voltage ranges
  • for even more flexibility check out the MSX modular platfrom

512 measurement channels in an ISX-5?

Yes, that's possible. Just combine the primary (parallel) impedance measurement channels with a multiplexer each and make your ISX-5 a massive-multichannel instrument. Choose from a three options: A second multiplexerd mesurement channel, a 32- or even a 64-channel MUX

ExtensionPort System

For flexible extension of its application possibilities application specific frontends and adapters can be connected through the ExtensionPort system. Interface and specifications for the ExtensionPort are fully user accessible dramatically simplifying customer`s developments for and with the ISX-3. The connector carries measurement signals for 2,3 and 4-electrode configuration, supply rails and digital IOs, which can optionally be configured as serial interfaces (I2C, UART).


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isx 5

    default is BNC

    Scale your setup by adding multiplexers to the instrument. Please note that each multiplexer needs a primary measurement channel.

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