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You want to use impedance spectroscopy in a medical research application? You like it simple, precise and fast and you don't want to worry about patient safety? Then check out the Medical Research ISX-3 impedance analyzer.

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It bases on our ISX-3 impedance analyzer. It is equipped with Sciospec’s IF frontend with 4-port BNC interface supporting simple 2 point measurements, as well as 3 and 4 electrode configurations. Within the measurement range from 100 mHz to 10 MHz (extendable to 40 or 100 MHz) it covers a dynamic range of 300dB (mOhm…TOhm) with a base precision of 0.01%. 

Additionally the Medical Research ISX-3 includes measures for enhanced electrical safety including medical grade isolation enabling a safe operation of the instrument in medical research settings. 

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Medical Research ISX-3

ISX-3 facts

  • Compact impedance analyzer
  • IF Frontend 100 mHz…10 MHz, mOhm…TOhm
  • Frequency extendable to 40 MHz or even 100 MHz
  • 2, 3 and 4 electrode configurations
  • High resolution (up to 2048 frequencies per sweep)
  • Base precision of 0.01%
  • +/- 1 V DC Bias
  • ExtensionPort for application specific frontends
  • Ultra-fast hardware synchronization through sync in/out connectors (optional)
  • Simple connection through Full Speed USB, Ethernet or Wireless LAN
  • PC-based control & data analysis (Sciospec software suit included)
  • Sciospec COM-Interface for full instrument control from Java, C, Python, LabView, Matlab etc.
Medical Research ISX-3
Medical Research ISX-3
Medical Research ISX-3

Medical Research ISX-3 Extras

  • Two 4 point channels:
    • First channel AC coupled
    • Multiplexed second channel DC coupled
  • Additional Multiplexers available
    • First 4-point measurement channel DC coupled (external AC coupling interface included)
    • Multiplexer: Choose between 16, 32 or 64 channels being AC coupled 
  • Integrated battery pack for measurements up to 3 hours
  • IsoIO (isolated IO module)
    • 12 isolated digital outputs
    • 12 isolated digital inputs with pull-ups
    • 4 isolated bidrectional I²C ports with pull-ups
    • Isolated digital supply rail (default 3.3V)
  • Optimized for electrial safety 

Medical Research ISX-3 with 32-channel multiplexer

In a very simple setup we used the Medical Research ISX-3 with a 32-channel MUX to measure the forearm impedance change caused movements of the hand.

The ISX-3 impedance analyzer is not a medical product and as such its intended purpose does not include diagnosis and/or treatment of patients. But the Medical Research ISX-3 includes several added safety measures specified in accordance with DIN EN 60601-1:2013-12 "Medical electrical equipment – Part 1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance". These measures ease the application for excemptions for experiments on patients.

Medical grade safety features

  • Enclosure: prevention of contact between electrical circuitry and external equipment or humans, shielding of measurement frontend (noise reduction) and mechanical safety
  • Medical grade power supply: external isolated AC/DC converter supplies device with 12 V DC, additionally stand alone battery operation is possible including software controllable electromechanical switch-off for DC input lines
  • Isolated Full speed USB interface: fullspeed USB port for instrument control and data readout from PC
  • Ethernet interface: standard RJ45 Ethernet interface for remote control of the instrument
    • The interface is not internally isolated. An external medical grade network isolator (included in the offer) can be inserted in the communication path to ensure safe isolation ratings.
  • IsoIO module: low level communication interfaces including hardware synchronisation and flexible programmable IO standards including serial (UART, SPI, I2C) for use of the instrument with other external equipment
  • Measurement and control modules: core functionality of the impedance analyzer including measurement control, signal processing, excitation generation and analog measurement functions
    AC coupling frontend: External module for AC coupling of measurements ports. Blocks DC currents and adds a high pass filter characterisitic limiting low frequency currents. Isolates the instrument galvanically from the measurement object or patient interface.

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Medical Research ISX-3
Medical Research ISX-3

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Medical Research ISX-3

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Medical Research ISX-3

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Medical Research ISX-3

Medical Research ISX-3

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