full performance and flexibility on ECIS 8 well arrays with

the Sciospec ECISadapter

The ECIS CULTUREWARE 8 well arrays are a very common choice for a broad range of impedance-based cell experiments like cell groth, cell migration, wounding/healing, barrier function, tox-screening, adhesion and proliferation studies.

With the Sciospec ECISadapter you can bring your ECIS experiments to the next level: more speed, higher resolution, more possibilities. Harness the full power of Sciospec impedance analyzers on your existing ECIS arrays. The ECISadapter just plugs into compatible Sciospec impedance analyzers like the ISX-3 and you´re good to go.  

- cost-efficient instrumentation setup

- flexible high resolution sweeps with up to 2048 frequencies per sweep

- bandwidth from DC to 10MHz

- very high measurement speed


key facts

  • adapter for ECIS 8 well arrays fitting the extension port system (e.g. on ISX-3)
  • 8 channels each in two wire configuration (8 work electrodes W and 1 common counter electrode)
  • layout fitting broad range of ECIS 8 well arrays
  • small form factor, low profile
  • incubator-proven
  • glass bottom for use in combination with microscopic and other optical equipment
  • easy setup through extension port
  • fully integrated graphical user-interface in Sciospec software

With the ExtensionPort system the ECISadpter just plugs into compatible impedance analyzers like the ISX-3 and you´re good to go - it´s that simple.

supported array types

Just as important as the correct instrument is the sensor type you use. The Sciospec ECISadapter is compatible with 8 well arrays from the ECIS Cultureware family, such as:

  • ECIS cultureware 8W1E PET
  • ECIS Cultureware 8W1LE (8W1CXE) PET
  • ECIS Cultureware 8W2LE PET
  • ECIS Cultureware 8W2X1E
  • ECIS Cultureware 8W10E PET
  • ECIS Cultureware 8W10E+ PET
  • ECIS Cultureware 8W20idf PET
  • ECIS Flow Array 1 Channel µ-Slide with 8x1E (1F8x1E) PC


Need something more tailored towards your needs? We can help you design and manufacture your own sensor structures specifically targeting your application. Integration of fluidic handling and temperature control is also available.

ExtensionPort System

For flexible extension of its application possibilities application specific frontends and adapters can be connected to many of our instruments through the ExtensionPort system. Interface and specifications for the ExtensionPort are fully user accessible dramatically simplifying customer`s developments for and with systems like the ISX-3, ISX-3mini or ISX-5. The connector carries measurement signals for 2,3 and 4-electrode configuration, supply rails and digital IOs, which can optionally be configured as serial interfaces (I2C, UART).

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8 channel 2 point ECISadapter for Sciospec Impedance Analyzers