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About Sciospec

Sciospec Scientific Instruments specializes in solutions for electrical impedance spectroscopy, impedance tomography, electrophysiological and electrochemical techniques. Primary applications are bio-analytics, medical research, material science and component testing.  

From small scale biochip and point of care solutions over multichannel biochip-readers up to massive-multichannel solutions for fully automated industrial process control or high content screening for pharmacological testing – scalability is in our DNA.  

Sciospec technology in the form of OEM modules is at the heart of countless products for bioanalytical and medical applications. At the same time our highly customizable solutions enable turn-key research, power the next generation semiconductor manufacturing and enable new levels in scalability for automated component test applications all over the world.

Our Team


Sebastian comes from an electrical engineering background with focus on electronics and sensor systems. He started working on bioanalytical and cell-based applications of impedance spectroscopy in 2006. He founded Sciospec in 2010 and has been heading the company ever since.


Head of Sales & Marketing

Having worked with us as university student as early as 2011, Paul joined Sciospec in 2015 bringing his strong economical background into the team. Today, Paul is in charge of Sciospec´s sales and marketing efforts and takes special interest in strategic projects.


Product Manager

Sophie had been a resident intern with Sciospec during her entire Physics master program before joining us as application engineer in 2020. Today she is the product lead for our impedance analyzer products and head of the project team responsible for a pharmaceutical measurement system.


Product Manager

As one of the founding members of Sciospec, Martin has been at the heart of our product development from the start. He is a physisist by education with a strong interest in biomedical applications. As such he has managed many OEM projects and is in charge of our impedance tomography product range.


Product Manager

Clemens joined us as developer for electrochemical applications coming from a research position in experimental physics. He heads our potentio/galvanostat products and takes a leading role in several massive multichannel application developments.

Powerful options

We are happy to have a growing diverse and international team of highly trained experts at Sciospec. As a team we continuously engage in training of students and professional trainees alike. We are constantly thriving to enhance our technology and engage in numerous research activities. Focuses thereby are biosensors and bio-analytical/medical applications. Beyond that we also pair up with expert partners in microfluidics, material characterization, chip/sensor design as well as biology and medicine. We actively support the scientific community and are member of the International Society for Electrical Bioimpedance and numerous expert committees for impedance-based technology.

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