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the Sciospec EIT32/64/128+

Electrical Impedance Tomography platform

The Sciospec EIT32 is a scalable EIT platform that allows for instruments with 32, 64, 128 or even more channels. 

And still the platform is as flexible and customizable as all our instruments. Configure your instrument to perfectly fit to your application by adding medical grade safety features such as a medical grade power suppy or on isolated housing or just choose the WIFI option for wireless communication with the system.

Our EIT accessories (tanks, cable set or chip adapter) complete your setup and allow for a smooth start with your Sciospec EIT device.

key facts

The system is designed for measurements for electrical impedance tomography or general multi-port impedance measurement applications. True parallel measurements and tightly synchronized switching allows for fast frame rates.

  • dual role electrode connections serving both as voltage measurement and current injection ports
  • pseudo differential current source for excitation signals up to 10 mA
  • tightly synchronized data acquisition block for truly simultaneous sampling of all sixteen channels
  • switch matrix either based on ultra-low leakage reed relays or high speed semicondutor switches 
  • any combination of 2 channels for positive and negative injection ports for flexible injection patterns
  • Sciospec SineFit algorithm for fast and precise signal extraction
  • frequency range from 100 Hz ... 1 MHz
  • spectral measurements with frequency sweeps with up to 128 frequencies
  • current excitation from 100 nA ... 10 mA peak amplitude
  • frame rates up to 100 fps
  • software with ready to go imaging algorithms
  • fully customizable - just ask us

For easy entry a software provides EIT image reconstruction functionalities for time- and frequency-difference imaging. Or just use the MATLAB code and import your data to EIDORS.

add some powerful options

  • frontpanel connectors: BNC, SMA, MCX, DSUB, MDR, card-edge, custom
  • IOport digital interface connector for external sensors and other hardware
  • wireless interfaces
  • medical grade modifications
    • power supply
    • enclosure modification
    • isolated USB-Port
    • AC coupling frontend
    • isolated IOport
  • temperature controller module
  • customized current and voltage ranges
  • Battery operation
  • and many more
configure your EIT system and get a quote


32/64/128-channel impedance tomography system

    Additional Functionality

    custom frontpanel connectors



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