the Sciospec ISX-3 EIT

EIS and EIT. In one system.

Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy & Tomography system

With the Sciospec ISX-3 EIT we bring together our core competencies in one system: Electrical Impedance at its best and Electrial Impedance Tomography.

The ISX-3 EIT is the perfect fit for researchers and industrial users facing an application where both EIS and EIT are useful. The system comes with proven EIS performance of the ISX-3 and also has quite some EIT capabilities.

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ISX-3 EIT key facts
  • Full featured ISX-3 impedance analyzer
    • IF Frontend 100 mHz…10 MHz, mOhm…TOhm
    • Frequency extendable to 40 MHz or even 100 MHz
    • 2, 3 and 4 electrode configurations
    • High resolution (up to 2048 frequencies per sweep)
    • Base precision of 0.01%
    • +/- 1 V DC Bias
    • ExtensionPort for application specific frontends
    • Ultra-fast hardware synchronization through sync in/out connectors (optional)
    • Simple connection through Full Speed USB, Ethernet or Wireless LAN
    • PC-based control & data analysis (Sciospec software suit included)
    • Sciospec COM-Interface for full instrument control from Java, C, Python, LabView, Matlab etc.
  • Highly flexible any to any multiplexer
    • 32 or 64 ports
    • Any combination of ports for 2, 3 or 4 electrode impedance measurement
    • Dedicated EIT mode (injection matrix like channel sweeps per frame)

For easy entry a software provides EIT image reconstruction functionalities for time- and frequency-difference imaging. Or just use the MATLAB code and import your data to EIDORS.

Relevant publications
research project


Compound research project for the development of a medical device (Clinical Multi Electrode Array, cMEA) for a better and more precise in-vitro stratifization, model-based therapy planning and clinical safety pharmacology for patients suffering from a genetically caused heart disease.

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OEM – Sciospec technology in your product? Sciospec is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solutions for electrical impedance spectroscopy, electrical impedance tomography and electrochemical measurement technology. Our modular technology platform is not only the basis for excellent laboratory measurement equipment, it also enables the realization of application-specific solutions for demanding research and industrial applications. Why spend time and resources developing measurement technology yourself when you can work with the experts at Sciospec? Our state-of-the-art technology platform has inherent massive multichannel scalability that is perfectly suited for bioanalytical, medical and pharmaceutical applications as well as material research and component

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