EIS and EIT. In one system.

the Sciospec ISX-3 EIT

Electrical Impedance Tomography system

With the Sciospec ISX-3 EIT we bring together our core competencies in one system: Electrical Impedance at its best and Electrial Impedance Tomography.

The ISX-3 EIT is the perfect fit for researchers and industrial users facing an application where both EIS and EIT are useful. The system comes with proven EIS performance of the ISX-3 and also has quite some EIT capabilities.

key facts

  • full featured ISX-3 impedance analyzer
    • compact, single channel impedance analyzer
    • IF Frontend DC...10MHz, Ohm...GOhm
    • 2, 3 and 4 electrode configurations
    • high resolution (up to 2048 frequencies per sweep)
    • precision <0.1%
    • +/- 8V DC Bias
    • ExtensionPort for application specific frontends
    • ultra fast hardware synchronization through sync in/out connectors
    • simple connection through High Speed USB, Ethernet or Wireless LAN
  • highly flexible any to any multiplexer
    • 32 or 64 ports
    • any combination of ports for 2, 3 or 4 electrode impedance measurement
    • dedicated EIT mode (injection matrix like channel sweeps per frame)

For easy entry a software provides EIT image reconstruction functionalities for time- and frequency-difference imaging. Or just use the MATLAB code and import your data to EIDORS.

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Impedance analyzer with EIT functionality

    Additional Functionality

    custom frontpanel connectors



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