Electrical component analysis has never been easier. Based on the same technology as our industry leading impedance analyzers the LCR-1 combines next-level performance with the simplicity of an LCR meter. In terms of range, accuracy and speed the LCR-1 sees eye to eye with competing high-end devices while maintaining a compact formfactor, simple setup and ease of use previously unseen in this class.

Unlock the power of component analysis with the LCR-1!

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LCR-1 key facts

  • one channel compact LCR meter
  • 2-, 3- and 4-port measurements
  • large selection of common electrical models, circuits and parameters
  • wide frequency range: 100 mHz … 500 kHz (extendable to 1 MHz or 10 MHz)
  • wide measurement range:
  • R = 1 mΩ … 1 TΩ
  • C = 10 fF … 1 kF
  • L = 1 nH … 1 TH
  • high accuracy: 0.01% base accuracy
  • extremely simple setup and direct access presets for easy day to day use
  • compatible with many test adapters for electrical components, foils, thin films and liquids
  • manual and automatic
  • measurement ranges and triggers
  • intuitive setup of averaging, compensation, integration time and many more if you need more control over your measurements.

Coming soon:

  • Advanced Time Trace mode
  • Advanced compensation options
  • pass/fail testing including
  • batch testing and statistics
    frequency sweeps
  • guided model selection
LCR 1 Data

Don ́t be fooled by the simplicity on the outside and the affordable pricing. The LCR-1 combines high-end accuracy, range and speed with such simplicity and ease of use – anyone can use it!

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  • industry standard cable sets
  • different types of universal component clamps
  • THT and SMT component test fixtures
  • dielectric test fixtures for foils, thin films, etc.
  • liquid test fixtures
  • ask us for more


From the outside the LCR-1 projects uncompromised simplicity. On
the inside however it is built on the same cutting edge measurement
technology as our high-end impedance analyzers. This results in
extremely wide measurement ranges, speed and accuracy typically
not found in systems of this price class and ease of use. This makes
the LCR-1 the ideal choice for:

  • simple day to day tests in the workshop
  • quality testing in component manufacturing
  • prechecking before Pick-and-Place assembly
  • material and component research
LCR 1 contour plot

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LCR-1 meter

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