Portable Impedance Analyzer for a mobile health application

2 channel Impedance analyzer for mobile health monitoring

  • Ultra compact portable impedance measurement module
    • Two fully parallel 4 electrode measurements
    • ranging optimized for physiological measurements using skin electrodes (e.g. ECG type)
    • up to 1 MHz impedance measurement bandwidth
  • Additional sensing options include
    • optical sensor excitation and readout
    • 3 axis accelerometer
    • temperature sensors
  • battery powered
    • 2-4 hours of continuous maximum data rate acquisition
    • several days to weeks of runtime in interval measurement mode
    • charging from USB or external DC supply
  • Stand alone operation including automatic interval and event triggered operation
  • interface options:
    • USB (default)
    • low level (SPI, UART, Sync) for integration into other systems
    • optional: wifi and bluetooth
  • scalability: multiple modules can be connected for multisensor applications

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